About Us

Dynomighty began when I borrowed $300 to invent my first product a link-less Magnetic Bracelet it blew up on YouTube and quit my day job. (That was 15 years ago)

I was an artist at the time and I had an exhibition of my photography and performance art where I had left samples of the bracelet with the receptionist of the gallery.

The bracelet sold out but I had no sales of my art, this convinced me to take a shot at launching Dynomighty as a full time gig. I felt like this was my one shot to start a business and escape the 9-to-5 life and I went for it. 



Leaving the certainty of a day job pushed me to invent more products like Mighty Wallets® and I was always experimenting in ways to better sell, market and distribute my products. In December of 2006 my first YouTube video, the Magnetic Bracelet Video, became a viral hit and was featured on the main page of YouTube launching my company into international recognition. 

I hope this story can inspire others who seek to broaden their own horizons, challenge their own comfort zones and who intuitively feel a need to BE MIGHTY!